Read Christine Velde's books and learn more about the challenges faced, in not only living and working in a foreign country, completely different to one's own, but on return to her home country.

Christine is also a water-colour painter. She paints from her own photographs and focuses on the "exotic", or foreign in her work.

Shanghai Rumours is a memoir which illustrates that through taking a risk and living in another culture, one develops and grows personally and professionally. It is beautifully illustrated, with colour photographs throughout.

Xenotropism and the Awakening of Literary Expatriatism through Writing Memoirs is about foreignness and about different kinds of separation from one's home country. It provides an in-depth theoretical analysis of xenotropism or "turning to the foreign," and illustrates its features and challenges. It does this by examining the lives of Emily Hahn, Nien Cheng and Qiu Xiaolong, who represent different periods in Chinese history, from the early 1900s to the present day. It is through xenotropism that a person can move from being bound up in their own culture and traditions, to becoming "unbound," and more accepting of other cultures.

DragonFlyers profiles 14 prominent expatriates who have contributed to the development and growth of Indonesia. It also aims to explain why these prominent expatriates have been drawn to and become attached to Indonesia.

Or if you are interested in workplace education, obtain a copy of  one of Christine's earlier books: International Perspectives on Competence in the Workplace. ​It is an academic book that analyses the concept of competence and how this applies to different workplaces.

Into the Exotic: A Cultural Memoir, is Christine's new book, which details her daily life in Bali and travels to greater Indonesia and further abroad to Myanmar and the Middle East. 

In Christine's latest memoir, you will learn about her challenges in buying and renovating a villa in Indonesia and living a daily life there. The memoir highlights the major turning points in Christine's life, in taking a risk and moving to Indonesia, and reflects on her journey back to Australia. One of the main theme's of Into the Exotic, is: Life is safe if you do not take a risk, but are you really living? It was published in June, 2020.  Christine's books can be purchased through www.amazon.com You can also contact Christine direct on christinevelde1@gmail.com

Christine's blog provides further interesting details of her daily life in Indonesia and journeys beyond to South-East Asia and the Middle East.

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