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​DragonFlyers: Prominent Expatriates'  Influential Roles in Indonesia,  explores the lives of prominent expatriates working in varying fields and aims to understand why they were drawn to Indonesia and why they fell in love with it? This book examines the expatriate's diverse and valuable contributions to Indonesia and its way of life. It provides visual examples of their intimate relationships in photographs and written text. In doing so, DragonFlyers aims to facilitate a better understanding for readers in the East and the West, regarding the contributions of prominent expatriates to Indonesia and their feelings towards a country which in many cases, may have become their "home." DragonFlyers can be purchased through




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This second edition of Christine Velde's book first published in 2001 and revised in 2009 is written well before its time. The global economy has developed into a more dynamic, fast-moving and unpredictable entity.  It is therefore crucial that the workers who create wealth have the ability to assess and respond to new and unforseen challenges. In other words, the future requires a more competent workforce, but in a different way. What does this mean in practice? In Christine Velde's book, a variety of researchers from around the world provide a truly international perspective on the issue. They help to redefine the term "competence," which the perceive as the ability to assess new situations and adapt one's response accordingly, particularly in collaboration with others. Published by Springer. Purchase a copy on



Relay celebrates the writing of members of the Marion Writers Inc. Each writer offers a unique voice and a different style, in forms ranging from short stories to shape poems.  Relationships, memories and travel experiences are among the many themes relayed in this anthology. The introduction by Sue Fleming describes Christine Velde's contributions as follows: 

"the exotic travels of Christine are evident in her writings. Her clear non-fiction eye faithfully records a sample of her life complete with reflections to resonate with every reader. New Year in Shanghai speaks of those momentous times we all face one way or another. Rich in detail she captures glimpses of both home, in Sea World Metamorphosis, and the exotic in The Colours of India from the Trains." (Purchase a copy from Marion Writers Incorporated -   (


Shanghai Rumours is a memoir about Kristen's (Chinese pinyin name for Christine) experiences of living and working in Shanghai. Published in Beijing, China, in 2015 it is beautifully illustrated with photographs that Christine Velde took herself. Published by China Intercontinental Press, Beijing, China. ​​A copy can be purchased through the publisher or


Xenotropism and the Awakening of Literary Expatriatism through Writing Memoir.

Published in 2016 by Bentham Publishers, United Arab Emirates, this book explores the transformative process of expatriatism and other forms of foreignness. It examines the lives and work of three prominent expatriates during different periods of Chinese history. This book represents the theory behind Christine's non-fiction writing. It was published by Bentham Science Publishers, United Arab Emirates. Available through


Into the Exotic: A Cultural Memoir

This memoir which was published in 2020, follows Christine's journey over a seven year period to buying, renovating and living in Bali. It includes the writer's travels throughout wider Indonesia including the East Indies and to Myanmar (Burma) and the templed sites of Bagan. It includes subsequent journeys to the Middle East. Into the Exotic is illustrated throughout with the writer's photographs. The memoir provides personal insights into Indonesian art, culture and history. The book highlights the turning points in Christine's life in taking a risk and moving to Indonesia, and reflects on her journey back to Australia. It can be purchased directly through the publisher - 

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