Christine is also a water colour artist, who paints from photographs she takes, from her experiences in living and travelling overseas. Christine meticulously draws her images and then paints them. Christine sometimes uses white, black or sepia pen, to sharpen her images. Here are some of her latest paintings, which focus on the theme of "the exotic," or foreign: 

All paintings are 40 x 50 cms and framed in beech or white, with glass.

Water Temple Candidasi East Bali 2020.jp

Reflections of Water and Light (Water Temple, East Bali.

VELDE, Christine. Arabian Nights (Dubai

Arabian Nights (Dubai Desert, UAE).

VELDE, Christine. Old Jakarta (Batavia).

Old Jakarta (Batavia).

VELDE, Christine. Mirror of the Sea. Wat
Mirror of the Sea. (Chaka Salt Lake, Tibet, China). 
VELDE, Christine.Where the Komodo Dragon

In Awe of Blue (Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey)









Where the Komodo Dragons Live (Flores, Indonesia.