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Living and Working in Shanghai

Living in the exotic city of Shanghai with its fascinating history and working as Academic Director of a design and business college, led to the writing of Bound. Here are some photographs of my apartment in Shanghai, close friends and visits to outer Shanghai and markets. There were lots of challenges I overcame both in living in Shanghai and on return home to Australia, which you can read about in my memoir Bound.

The first photograph is of Zhouzhuang, a water town about a two hour drive from Shanghai. Almost like a Chinese version of Venice! The second photograph is self explanatory and taken in an antique market in Shanghai. The third photography depicts jars of crickets which are often purchased in markets as pets. They are easily looked after and transportable, e.g. in one's pocket!

The fourth photograph from the top is of two of my close Chinese friends in Shanghai who are frequently mentioned in Bound. See if you can work out who they are! It is taken in my apartment in Shanghai which I decorated in Chinese style. Most of the furniture is now home with us in Adelaide.

The fifth photograph is of Chinese friends who took me to visit the water town. They are also mentioned in Bound. Names were changed for confidentiality reasons, but I am sure you can work out the characters.

Zhouzhuan (outer Shanghai)

3.7. Shoe man.jpg

3.6 Chinese pets.jpg

3.4 Tony, Meir and Christine.jpg

3.3 Jennie and Annie.jpg

This is a photography of my former apartment in Shanghai. It is located in the French Concession area. My apartment was on the fifth floor of the building on the right. It had a juliet balcony overlooking the street. With the help of a Chinese friend to translate and a decoration company, the apartment was fully renovated. At the time this photograph was taken, an underground train station was being built nearby. It was finished in a very short time - less than a year - much less than a similar project would take in Australia!

3.2 HaiSi Tower.jpg

This last photograph is of Donghua University Campus, Shanghai where I worked as Academic Director of a design college. I had rarely seen snow before I lived in Shanghai. Although the weather can be unbearably hot in summer with high humidity, in winter it is sometimes below zero.

Donghua University Campus, Shanghai.