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Buddhist Wedding Ceremony, Ayana Resort, Jimbaran, Bali - Update!

Bound illudes to the fact that there may be a forthcoming marriage! Just to update you: David and I were married at Ayana Resort, Jimbaran, Bali on 14th April, 2014. Our experiences in Bali left us with the desire to be married there. A Buddhist priest conducted the ceremony, and a representative from the Indonesian Government attended to sign off on the legal side. We also had to lodge documentation with the Australian Embassy in Denpasar, in order to gain approval for a legal wedding. We were married in the "Bale Kencana," a traditional building overlooking the steep cliffs of the Indonesian ocean. The rain held off until about 3pm and then bucketed down in tropical fashion, but did not spoil the day! It was a small wedding with close friends and family. The frangipanis formed a carpet on the ground and tubular roses decorated the Bale Kencana. It was in our view, the most beautiful and romantic setting for a wedding.....certainly considerably less expensive than one in Australia! We continually travel between Adelaide and Bali and other cities in Indonesia. I have a professional connection through the writing of "DragonFlyers," and there maybe a coffee table book about prominent Indonesian artists in the future!