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Journey to Qatar, Oman and Istanbul, Turkey, October, 2018.

Whilst living in Indonesia, we travelled to Qatar. The Souq Waquif is amazing. We stayed in a market square, which in the evenings came alive with store sellers and tourists eating out with locals and westerners.

We visited national museums and galleries and enjoyed the local food. In Qatar, we visited the only Falcon Hospital in the world. I love these magnificent birds, which are the pride and joy of most sheiks.

The Souq Waquif in Qatar, came alive at night with many local people and tourists, visiting the market stores and dining out.

Of course, I had to experience holding one and stroking its velvety feathers:

From Qatar, we took a flight to Muscat in Oman, also part of the United Arab Emirates. Subsequently, we visited Istanbul, Turkey, taking in all of the amazing sites, like the Blue Mosque, a trip up the Bosphorus and got some good bargains at the Grand Bazaar. It is the most amazing market I have ever explored, with leather goods, traditional glassware, magnificent gold jewelry and a variety of beautiful Turkish rugs.

Whilst in Istanbul, David and I went to a Dervish dance performance. It is based on an interesting philosopher's teachings, by the name of Rumi. Through their dancing, the dervishes aim to reach enlightenment, to haunting music played throughout the ceremony. No photographs are allowed to be taken during the performance, but I was able to take some outside, afterwards.

Later on return home, I completed two drawings of the dervish dancers, using pencil and charcoal. The first is from a small statue, that I purchased and the second from a musician sitting outside the performance theatre:

It is a great experience walking along the Corniche (at the waterfront) in Muscat, Oman. There is an interesting souq (market), a few metres from the Corniche, which we explored.